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Benefits of cumulative EIA in localising the SDGs

Case studies and best practices

The Negative impacts of development on the sphere of environment is more of a cross-cutting situation with a global relevance. In response to this, the last decade has seen countries worldwide looking at tools and processes that could reduce the negative impacts and go through a process that look at all the three spheres that constitute sustainable development. Environment Impact Assessment has been one such tool, adopted in India, envisaged to address environmental consequences of development agenda. However it hasn’t escaped its fair share of critique on its operation and functioning. This paper looks into the advantages of an area based approach for carrying out environmental impact assessment as compared to the conventional project based assessment, with a special lens to constructions projects, by carrying out an evidence base field study. The findings of the paper indicate that an area based assessment when linked to the city development process (development plan) has greater imp


A Guide to Multi-level Governance For Local and Regional Public Authorities

Available in English

This guide aims to help you work collaboratively on sustainable energy policies, plans and strategies in your region, by developing a ‘Multi-level Governance’ (MLG) approach.

Developed by Coopenergy

Posted by UNDP

Tools : Multilevel Governance

methodological elements for the elaboration of the report on the situation in sustainable development

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L France is committed to sustainable development by signing its promotion by public policies in the Charter of the environment, backed by the Constitution and operationally by the enactment of laws to...

Developed by Ministère français de l'Environnement, d...

Posted by Catherine Vachia

Tools : Monitoring and Evaluation

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